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Liebster Award Nomination! 1/3

Massive geeky love to Kim at Later Levels for my first Liebster nomination as well as to Kyle Kalbach from Geeks Play Games for my second Liebster Nomination and Paula […]

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Die for Valhalla! Demo Review

Historically, I’m not one to post too many game reviews, preferring to soak up everyone else’s opinions before making a purchase instead of contributing to the purchasing decisions of others, […]

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Million Dollar Idea #1

Mirrors in the tool aisles of all home improvement and hardware stores. Now hear me out on this.  I recently mentioned the fire-pit that The Hublet and I have built […]

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Blogging Brain Toot

I know it’s sucky to admit, but this week I hit a brick wall when trying to come up with blog content. It’s almost as if my brain is full […]

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Happy Obligation Day!

I’m pretty sure I summed up my thoughts on the matter back on February 14th 2012, so I’m simply going to link back to that bad boy as my thoughts […]

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Bookworming My Heart Out

I’ve always been a voracious reader and, when I’m in the reading zone, tend to have at least 3 different books on the go, and am eternally grateful to The […]