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Happy Obligation Day!

I’m pretty sure I summed up my thoughts on the matter back on February 14th 2012, so I’m simply going to link back to that bad boy as my thoughts […]

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Bookworming My Heart Out

I’ve always been a voracious reader and, when I’m in the reading zone, tend to have at least 3 different books on the go, and am eternally grateful to The […]

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“Alexa, sing me a song.”

We’ve recently added an Amazon Echo to our home tech collection. I’ll be honest, it was originally more on The Hublet’s wish list more than mine, but the irresistible temptation […]

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Geek Buy: Computer Desk with Slide-Out Pet Bed

Hey there PC users.  Are you tired of having to keep an eye on your furry landshark while trying to get on with the nitty gritty of desktop use?  Do […]

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Wampa Attacks! My Second Stop Motion Video

I cannot tell a lie, I am absolutely loving the free Stop Motion iPhone app from the App Store. Utilising nothing more than my beloved Pop! Star Wars Wampa from […]

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Cartoons You’ve Probably Never Watched (AKA Cancelled Before Their Time)

No, that wasn’t me going all hipster and ‘I watched it before it was cool’ on you. We’ve no doubt all fallen in love with something we either watched until […]