Hello all.

I’m working on my social media presence and getting to grips with the seemingly endless tools at my disposal.

A blog seems like a good idea, but I worry I’ll fall into the trap that so many others have: I like eating food, I like eating in restaurants, clearly I possess all the skills needed to open a restaurant (sourcing one of my favourite books by Anthony Bourdain); I like reading blogs, I like being funny, therefore I clearly should set up my own blog and communicate my sheer overwhelming awesomeness to the world.

We’ll see.  Be cruel, be kind, I’m just flattered you took the time to read.  And please try to overlook my weird relationship with commas, I do so like to litter my writings with them.

It’s been an interesting few weeks with the usual life/death struggles that follow an IT Recruitment Consultant, but as you are in all probability a stranger to me it feels odd to blog about the minute and mundane, almost as if I were dressing up a brick in a cloud of glitter, ribbon and sequins…underneath it’s still a brick.  But thereby lies the art, the skill, the way of crafting a relatively boring experience or topic into something possessing wit and a hint of a personality behind it all.

My recent minor victory revolved around a Customer Service issue with a large professional networking site and my account being suspended without warning.  I work in recruitment and for my current role carry out a mix of resourcing, headhunting and job board pooling, so to be without access to a professional networking facility that I’ve nurtured and raised from infancy definitely put a dent in my week.  It took far longer than polite to resolve, during which I unleashed my usually suppressed passive aggressive ninja skills on all the sounding boards available, and eventually my access was resumed and I did a happy toe dance in victory.

It’s amazing the lengths a slightly demented and caffeine fuelled person will go to in order to get something done.  I’m a headhunter, therefore desktop research runs through my veins, so ridiculously huge amounts of online searching was done in order to find all the ways I could plague the Unnamed networking site.

Is it because I’m British that we accept a substandard level of customer service?  Is it because we’re raised to accept the existence of  aloof retail assistants and neanderthal food servers that we seem to thrive on queuing and waiting for everything?  Is it because our cultural nature means we delight in complaining about the weather, the traffic, the youth of today or our customer service experiences?  Grrrrrr.

After recently holidaying in America I was blown away by the level of customer service that is taken for granted, that is considered perfectly normal by our ‘Z’ loving and ‘U’ hating brethren.  Whenever you enter a shop you’re given a big, warm welcome, no-one gets ignored or is allowed to slip past without enduring the ferocity of a 1,000,000 watt smile.

The standard greeting is the rhetorical, “Hi, how are you today?”  I soon learned that this wasn’t an open invitation to get into a dialogue about how well you slept, how much you enjoyed breakfast or how achy your feet were, although my polite British nature constantly forced me to treat it as an invitation to conversation, which resulted in some awkward verbal maneuvering on  their part as they tried to politely deal with the tourist breaking this most traditional of greeting formats.

Is it wrong that the level of joyous perkiness I experienced, glowing with sun-kissed health and an unsuppressed love of life, rapidly grated on my overcast and hermitesque British nature?  There was no room for me to have about whinge anything in the face of such optimism.  I tried to insert a little grumble about something trivial,  only to be shot down like the Red Baron of Joy.  Over the course of my holiday my dark, withered little scowl, so comfortable sitting on my face and perfectly suited to any conversation topic with a fellow Brit, was replaced by a jaw-aching smile; my usual response to the perky, “Hi, how are you today?”  which used to be , “I’m glad you asked, because actually…doom gloom anguish rain blah blah,” turned into, “Super great thanks, how are you?”  Ugh.

I’m due back out there shortly for another American jaunt, but we’ll save that for another day.  I’ve got a few more weeks to prepare myself for the happiness.

Anyhow, this was my first post, a little bit of an oddly constructed waffle, having the feel of a slight vent, and no doubt I’ll slowly but surely find my voice and blogging style.  Bear with me.  Or roam free and find a more constructed blog, periodically checking on me and returning once I hit the level of maturity and fluidity you need.


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