I woke up this morning and, after carrying out my usual ablutions, finished my breakfast and came online to catch up on events back at home and here in America, and was surprised to discover that an earthquake had rumbled it’s way around the North part of the East Coast.

It’s just not a good week for the East Coast as so soon after Irene unleashes a fairly concentrated amount of destruction they now get another natural disaster hitting them.  The quake had its epicentre  in Virginia, and was felt as far away as North Carolina, although the news items have for the most part focused on how New Yorkers were reacting to the event.

There has been quite a bit of teasing over the course of the day between seasoned Quakers on the West Coast and their relatively inexperienced East Coast cousins concerning the 5.8 earthquake, with Dennis Miller from California joking that, “I wouldn’t even wake up to a 5.8 if I was asleep.”  The impression I get, underneath all the fairly good natured banter, is that while the East Coast residents acknowledge that a 5.8 earthquake isn’t too big an event when compared with some of the quakes that the West Coast experience, they are concerned less with the power of their quake and more with their area being unequipped to handle an earthquake.

You saw how quickly services and aid was rallied in preparation for Hurricane Irene, and yet earthquakes are seen as more of a West Coast blight and not really something the East Coast has had to worry about.

As of now I haven’t heard any reports of serious injury or loss of life resulting from the quake, although some scaremongers are debating whether it’s was an actual quake or more of a rumble before the big event, but I feel the East Coast has endured enough these past few days without having to worry about that.


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