Oh Coffee how I love thee so,

You raise me up when I am low;

You make me strong when I am weak,

You hold my hand when things look bleak;

You get me into work each day,

And back again the other way;

You put a smile upon my face,

And make my heart pick up the pace;

You make me forget what I have to do,

Because I think of nothing but you;

My craving hands tremble with need,

I need a cup, Oh Reader take heed;

It lures you in with steaming heat,

With gentle aroma and taste so sweet;

That holds your taste-buds in a caress,

And makes you drink to huge excess;

Until your bladder’s full to burst,

Oh the pain! And yet you thirst;

It becomes your habit, your fix, your need,

A craving you’re compelled to feed;

Without it you cannot survive,

Your energy falls into a crash drive;

You’re hooked and don’t know how to quit,

You fall deeper into the pit;

Until you summon all your power,

And try to make it through one hour;

Without thinking of that potent brew,

That dark, addictive caffeine stew;

Your body sweats and you get dizzy,

You try to find ways to stay busy;

To silence the powerful siren call,

Coming from the kitchen down the hall;

You search for a substitute to sip,

Something safer, something hip;

Fruit juice, hot water or green tea,

It’s not the same but at least you’re free;

From coffees cruel and monstrous hold,

The drink for which your soul was sold;

You heart rate calms and at night you sleep,

Your hand shakes less, you no longer weep;

And yet despite all that you’ve endured,

You know you’ll once again be lured;

Back to that heady cocktail of pleasure,

The devils brew that you so treasure.


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