No no, it’s alright: I haven’t recently been in a car accident, subsequently lying undiscovered in a ditch up to my ears in filth for the last week; I was not been kidnapped and therefore have not been tied to a chair awaiting ransom; I have not been stolen by aliens and as a result remain probe-free; I haven’t lost all my fingers in a horrible accident involving carrots and a hungry horse; I didn’t go paddling at the beach, got caught in a rip tide and as a result spent the last few days clinging to a rock which turned out to be a giant sea turtle, unraveling into a marvelous bit of fun involving giant Roc birds and diamonds (see Sinbad The Sailor) .

The reason I haven’t been posting much over the last week is because The Hublet signed us up for advance access to Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) and as a result my Bounty Hunter (BlackHeart) has been occupying the time that isn’t taken up with tidying the house, planning and preparing 7-course banquets for The Hublet, playing with the cat, keeping the cupboards stocked, reading one of the murder mystery books I’ve accumulated or keeping my toenail polish in tiptop condition.

So to summarise: I’m alive, while at the same time being dead to the world.


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