To be honest, this week I have been mostly playing Star Wars: The Old Republic.  As far as I’m concerned, the game is just phenomenal and is definitely living up to the hype that’s been building since 2008.  However, as with all MMO’s you need to maintain a fine balance or you’ll suddenly blink into consciousness, look away from your PC monitor and realise it’s now March 2012 and you’ve been living on nothing but adrenaline, air and energy drinks.

I’ve been a good Wifelet as each day The Hublet has gone off to work with his adorable little lunchbox; the Cat has been fed on time; my Wifely household duties have been completed daily and so our house smells of clean things and fresh air, instead of socks and garbage; and a hot dinner has been ready when The Hublet returns home, however I’ve made sure to find time for blogging, game playing and Tweeting.

Being fortunate enough to not celebrate Xmas/Christmas means that we are not running around like headless chickens, panicking because we didn’t buy a big enough turkey for the 20 family members we’ve just been told are coming to ours, or trying to find a shop that still sells Eggnog this close to C-Day.  The downside is that my time is not filled with wrapping presents; picking a victim from a lineup of nervous pine trees; stuffing turkeys; deciding if the dining table can handle the weight of one more giant ham; dusting off tree decorations from the attic; trying to retrieve my watch from inside a stuffed turkey; soaking the Christmas pudding in yet another generous cup of brandy; trying to find where The Hublet hid my gifts or preparing the house for a relative invasion, which ultimately means that I’ve got more time on my hands than most.

It’s very hard to focus when you have a distraction as big as Star Wars in the house, the Alpha Daddy of all Sci-Fi space operas (although I tip my hat to the revamped Star Trek film line and anything involving Tribbles or Borg), and weirdly enough I find I can kill more time on the PC running around doing evil deeds for Nemro the Hutt, or dabbling in Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and blogging, than I consume when reading a book, listening to music or playing console games.

Let’s not forget that online PC games are hugely popular: World of Warcraft alone had 10.3 million subscribers as of November 2011, and Star Wars: The Old Republic had received almost 1 million pre-orders before the launch date on December 20th 2011, and obviously a lot of people either brought it post-launch or will be getting it as an Xmas present, so we can expect anything from 1-3 million more to be added to the player total early into the New Year.

Interestingly enough, although the stereotypical image of a PC gamer lingers on (basement dwelling troll who lives with their parents and wears the same smelly heavy metal band T-shirt for weeks on end), due to the rise in popularity of computer and video games, as well as some very successful marketing and advertising campaigns, the people playing these MMO’s are now housewives, smart-mouthed kids and business professional all looking for new ways to kill some time.  So the next time you fail to Heal your teammates quickly enough when on an MMO Group mission, the person furiously cursing your birth, debating your intelligence and calling your family heritage into question may actually turn out to be Beverly Mason: a sweet and bubbly 45-year-old housewife from California; active in her local community; caring to animals; playing an MMO while she waits for her husband and children to come home before they all get dressed up and go out for dinner.

Ok, enough blogging, I have a Bounty Hunter to level up.  Hope you all enjoy your time off x


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  1. Love it! That is geeky! I remember when I was younger I used to get pretty obsessed with my NIntendo and Legend of Zelda. I haven’t played a vid game since– I think they are too complicated for me now 😉

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