Everyone’s ill at the moment, there seems to be a wealth of revolting bugs and germs doing the rounds.  The Hublet and I are staying safe (so far), but in case I start feeling snuffly or sickly  I have a couple of aces up my sleeve.

My Nana (Burmese, big supporter of garlic, onion & red chili in everything) is, like me, not the biggest fan of visiting Doctors for the minor complaints.  If it can be treated with sleep, vegetables & water then I don’t need to stuff my body full of drugs that invariably do more harm than good in the long-term.

I share with you my Nana’s solid gold advice when it comes to coughs & colds:

If you’re suffering from a cough, mix a tablespoon of salt into a mug of warm/hot water and gargle.  It is undeniably grim because no-one likes an overload of salt on their taste-buds, but my goodness it works.  Repeat 3 times a day & you will notice a difference very soon.

If you’re suffering from a cough or cold, then my Nana always recommended making a hot ginger drink, the concept of which has over the years been trialled, tested and perfected by The Mothership and I.  The basic premise is to get a short, sharp dose of vitamins into your body to boost your immune system.

Hot Ginger Drink

You will need:
Fresh ginger
Fresh lime juice (or lemon)
A saucepan
A Mortar & Pestle OR Plastic Bag & a hammer/something hard
A mug


  • Peel about an inch of fresh ginger
  • Cut into small pieces & pound in a mortar & pestle OR if no M&P put into a plastic Ziploc bag & batter with something hard until squished.
  • Pour a mug & a half of water into a pan, add the ginger & boil.
  • Once the ginger is softened by cooking, pour gingery water into mug – make sure all the ginger is out of the pan & in the mug.
  • Add lemon/lime juice & honey to taste
  • Drink
  • After you’ve finished the drink, try to chew on the ginger for a while.  It may be a little spicy-tasting, but it’s full of vitamin goodness that your body needs right now.

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