I don’t own an iPhone, so I’m naturally surly and resentful of all those with the Hipstamatic phone application that allows them to take photos with a retro, disposable camera feel to them.  You know the type I mean: the sort of grainy photos that our grandparents and parents took of us years ago, that advancing technology slowly evolved forward into the high definition digital age, but which the popularity of vintage throwbacks has brought back into fashion.  Initially with the Hipsters, but now also in vogue with the masses.  Poor Hipsters, how annoying.

Anyway, I shopped around and found a perfectly good alternative for Android users (called ‘Retro’, how original) and had myself a lot of fun taking photos with blurry, shadowy results that we would have ground our teeth over 20-years ago but now we oooh and aaah over, enjoying our ability to replicate cheap camera photos with our expensive electronics.

This put me into an online exploring mood as surely would be able to find other great phone apps, and sure enough I came across the wonder of Photoboother, a great site that enables you to replicate the string of photos you would get from any passport machine, popular amongst couples in wuv and drunken fools who pile into a booth to capture the moment.

All you do is 1) select the type of frame you want you use, which is basically the style you want your photos to finish up in; you then 2) upload 4 photos of your choice; next you 3) select the Develop option and finally you 4) decide whether you want the photos to be posted to you or a friend, or emailed to an address of your choice.

This is a great way to put together a memorable event invitation or special announcement, and combines everybody’s love of Retro with the marvels of current technology.


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