I write this from my usual perch in front of the computer, but whereas my legs would normally be hooked under the chair and I would be enjoying some well-supported comfort, right now I am sitting with my feet up on the chair seat, my hands reaching around my knees to type.

This is because a few minutes ago, while writing a blog post on something completely different, I heard the rustle of plastic coming from the floor to the side of the desk.  I looked at the cat, my usually reliable critter radar, but she remained comfortably curled up on chair behind me, without even so much as an ear flicker.  Maybe the noise came from outside and I just wasn’t paying close-enough attention.

*rustle rustle rustle*

Nope, that wasn’t outside, the noise was definitely coming from the floor beside the desk, between the desk and the wall.  I leaned over as far as the chair would allow, just in time to see something long, dark and thin curl over a CompUSA bag and disappear underneath some wires.

My first thought was, “It’s a SPIDER LEG!!!”  The Hublet fully prepped me before I arrived in Jacksonville, updating me on all the insects and critters I should be on the watch for both inside and outside the house, and Wolf Spiders were at the top of his ‘Scream Like A Girl’ list, jostling with Black Widow Spiders for first place.  Wolf Spiders love to spend the winter inside your house, but we’ve been fortunate enough to have not had any hairy visitors to date.

After seeing the potential spider limb withdraw under a cluster of wires I pulled my legs up onto the chair, and grabbed a ruler from the drawer.  I then slowly, carefully began to manouver the wires around so that I could get a good look at the beast.

As gentle as I was, whatever it was, it was on high alert and the slow movement of wires caused the critter to make a dart for the underside of a multi-socket on the floor.  I was so happy to see that it wasn’t a monster spider, but was actually nothing more than a small, cute brown lizard.  I immediately went to grab a glass, fully intending to harness my inner Saint Francis of Assisi and carry out a quick capture-and-release mission, with the aim of allowing the lizard to rejoin his lizard buddies outside.

Jacksonville is blessed with a plethora of lizards, and our property is home to a huge colony of both Green and Brown Anoles, a harmless and pretty lizard with a colourful dewflap that extends when it’s flirting with other lizards, that loves to sunbathe in summer and in winter doesn’t necessarily hibernate, but does find a hiding place and allows its metabolism to drop waaaaay down whenever it’s not sunny enough outside to top up the lizard solar panels.

I returned with the glass to find that the lizard had moved to a less convenient location, forcing me to get the ruler again and gently prod around the side of the desk for it.  Despite her previous uselessness, the cat was suddenly interested in what i was up to, and deigned to move and investigate, but knowing that my visitor was a lizard (something she regularly chased when in the garden) and not a man-eating spider, I didn’t want to risk her getting to the lizard before I did and so put her outside the room.

When I returned and resumed my attempt to ‘encourage’ the lizard to move to a better location for me to catch it, it moved, and wow was it fast.  It scuttled along the underside of the wires and ended up behind the desk, in a location I was completely unable to reach.

So there it remains, its little lizard heart slowly calming after the giant beast tried to catch it.  However, even though I don’t mind lizards at all I’m not happy with the thought of one mere inches away from my feet, and thus I now sit with my legs up on the chair, poised like a tiger, wanting nothing more than to get the lizard out of my house.

Now we play the waiting game.


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