I believe I’ve been truthful about my bizarre obsession with Shahid Khan’s yacht the Kismet, a constant companion of mine during my week days at work.  So imagine my shock late last week to arrive at work and observe an empty spot where once a yacht was moored.  Now, I tried to be all cool about it and not raise the alarm or blog as there was no point in coming across as a stalker and triggering some sort of legal action, and I was happy to find that, after returning from a long weekend away with The Hublet, the Kismet was back in its usual place moored outside the Hyatt Regency hotel.

However, yesterday I was alerted by a surprised colleague to the fact that the yacht was once again on the move, and managed to snap a couple of shots of it as it made its way towards the Everbank Field Stadium, and again as it sailed down the St. Johns River towards, I presume, the Atlantic.

At the same time there seemed to be a flurry of activity on, in and around the Hyatt Regency, with what appeared to be the WAWS Fox30 Jax van parked outside, some sort of potentially televised event happening on one of the levels of the Hyatt Regency Conference Center and an official helping to orchestrate traffic cones being laid out in the road surrounding the Hyatt.

I was hoping for a big dramatic reentry by the Kismet, mooring in an explosion of fireworks with Shahid Khan parachuting down to land on the deck before disembarking to greet reporters, but sadly there was nothing of the sort and I got bored and continued with my work.

Imagine my surprise this morning to come into work and find that the Kismet had not returned from her exciting night out on the high seas battling pirates and sea monsters, and instead of seeing her sedately moored outside the Hyatt Regency I was greeted with the sight of the American Glory cruise ship, owned by the American Cruise Lines (ACL), which had snuck in overnight and taken her parking space.

Now, I don’t know how it is in America, but if you’ve heard the saying,An Englishman’s home is his castle,” this might give you some clue as to how unbelievably possessive we Brits are of our gardens (translation for you, my American brethren: yards) and also the area on the main road that’s directly in front of our gardens and which, although technically not our property, we secretly consider to be ours as it’s right in front of our house and really convenient to look after, and so we usually like to park there instead of using the drive, or let guests and special friends park there, and 24/7 jealousy keep an eye on to make sure no-one unknown uses that space, and get all weird if someone else (you know who you are 1997 Land Rover Discovery with the annoying hippy peace symbol sticker) parks in there in that hallowed area which has become to be viewed as our property.

If you can wrap your head around this, then partially translate that into the annoyance I felt upon discovering that the American Glory had stolen, yes STOLEN, the mooring space that by rights belongs to the Kismet.  Ok, now that I’m all worked up into a state, I’m going to go sit in a dark room until my heart rate calms down.  But as a friendly warning American Glory, you better not be there when the Kismet gets back or else.

Oh my goodness, what if it doesn’t come back…


    • Thanks, I really appreciate it! If it’s because you yourself have rented the yacht for the $789k Mediterranean package then a big hello to you, maybe I can have a nose around on-board before you return it 🙂

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