First things first: Desmond Hatchett if you happen to read this during all the free time you have while behind bars for yet again failing to pay child support, please click this link for a list of Vasectomy Doctors in Tennessee.

It’s news like this which is guaranteed to get everyone’s heart rate skipping with frustrated anger, but sadly Desmond Hatchett demonstrates an unfortunately common attitude towards parenthood: lack of planning, preparation or accountability.

He’s making the news this month because this inept 30-year-old has fathered a grand total of 30 children with 11 women, and due to his history of minimum wage jobs has been consistently unable to pay sufficient child support to his baby mamas, putting him back in court this month with his hat in hand, begging for the state to cut him some slack and help him out.  Desmond is a high school graduate and, in his minimum wage job, makes approx. $6.50 per hour, bringing his monthly income to approx. $930.  The government rules that up to 50% of his paycheck can go towards child support, but with him flipping burgers/filling grocery bags/wearing silly costumes & directing traffic to Mattress Sales, that works out to a fairly pathetic $2 per month per child.

This has resulted in him making numerous trips to jail on the charges of failing to pay up, and he’s decided that someone should be paying for his children’s welfare…just apparently not him.

Back in 2009, numerous papers reported that Desmond Hatchett had fathered 20-21 children with 11 different mothers and at the time had been called to court to answer for 15 of his 21 children who hadn’t received child support in a while.  Tennessee officials back then had been trying to do what Desmond had never bothered to, and work out how a man earning minimum wage could support 21 children.

Unfortunately, due to his low income, there was no way that he could, and Tennessee taxpayers have had to make up the shortfall, and although back in 2009 Desmond was quoted as saying that he was done with having kids and had never intended to have that many children, explaining it away as, “It just happened,” Desmond has managed to add a further 9-10 children to that figure in just 3-years!

It just happened…

What a childish, immature attitude to take after fathering 21 children with 11 women.  I can understand a man becoming a father for the first time after forgetting to use protection, and explaining it to his family with the words, “It just happened,” but, Desmond Hatchett, we all know that you don’t just trip, fall and impale a women on your manhood 30 times by accident.  At some point you should have stopped and thought, “Hmmm, can I afford to continue doing this?” or, “Am I really in a good place to be a provider and role model to the kids I’ve already had, maybe I should stop.

Or maybe Desmond viewed his prolific fathering of children as some sort of badge of pride, that instead of thinking, “People are going to think I’m the biggest kind of idiot for having all these kids and completely failing as a father and provider,” he imagines in his warped little mind that, “Wow, all these children must mean I am amazing, women are clearly going to want to get with me and men are going to want to be me for I am obviously The Man and have dynamite between my legs.”

Or perhaps his approach was, “I was stupid enough to father 21 children by 11 women by the time I was 29, and although I didn’t want to be a man and take responsibility for my actions how dare the state refuse to bail me out and let me keep more of my money for myself instead of paying it to my dependents, so I’m going to defy them by staying in a minimum wage job, fathering thousands more babies and add more of a financial drain to taxpayers who are already paying for my mistakes.  Screw you state.”

I’ve had enough with hearing news stories reporting on his fertility being so astronomically amazing.  It WASN’T his fertility that resulted in 30 children, it was his refusal to use contraceptives and his refusal to sit down like an adult and consider whether or not he and his 11 partners, who clearly are not with him in serious, committed relationships, were in a good financial position to take on the responsibility of having (more) children.

Let’s not forget the ladies here as these 11 women – and a round of applause for the Tennessee lovelies who between them popped out 9-10 children between 2009 and now – are the same 11 women who up until 2009 had already born Desmond Hatchett 20-21 children and were chasing him for child support.  These women, who were already being financially neglected by Desmond Hatchett, still allowed him to go ahead and do his thing and give them more babies.  I’m sure that there’s a Planned Parenthood in Tennessee, and even a child knows that contraceptives don’t just mean condoms, so if these 11 women weren’t able to afford to raise a combined total of 30 children then why aren’t we getting on their case for failing to seek family planning advice in order to manage their respective situations.

I’m sure that Tennessee officials – and no doubt officials in states across America – sometimes wish that compulsory sterilisation was an option as clearly there are people who don’t deserve the honour of being parents.

On the one hand, we have couples who hold off on having children for a few years until financially they feel that they’re ready to support a child; those who get their situation stabilized in preparation for a child, only to discover that one or both of them have fertility problems; women who delay being Mothers while they pursue a well-paying career in order to ensure that they have the financial stability to care for a child in their more mature years.

Then on the other hand you have people like Dingleberry Hatchett and his army of Baby Mama’s who have no problem with popping out baby after baby with no regard for that baby’s care or future, and although they showed no maturity or responsibility when making the decision to have children, and refused to invest/waste their own money on birth control, they seem perfectly content with expecting tax payers to foot the bill for child support.

Desmond Hatchett was not thinking with his head when he made the decision to unleash lil’ Hatchett on the female population of Tennessee without wearing a hat.  Getting temporary sexual gratification is one thing, but not thinking ahead to the emotional and financial responsibility that you will bear for any children that you father is just stupid.

Although Desmond claims to know the name and birth date of each of his 30 children (because I’m sure his Baby Mama’s create quite a fuss reminding him to pay out for presents or a party), how on earth was he planning on providing a fatherly role model to them.  There’s no way he can fairly divide his time between 11 houses and 30 children, so how on earth are people like Desmond Hatchett preventing the vicious circle of young men and women being raised in homes without both parents, who are statistically more likely to not finish school, end up claiming welfare or even go to prison.

Did Desmond Hatchett himself come from a traditional nuclear family of 2 parents and 2 children, growing up with a father setting a good example on what a Dad should be?  Or was Desmond Hatchett the product of his own destiny, a faceless man who treated fatherhood as a joke and didn’t teach his son anything about being a man and being accountable for your actions.

Desmond and his army of Baby Mama’s can in no way claim to love their children wholeheartedly as they actively chose to give them life and put them into a situation where they are disadvantaged from day one.  Life is going to be a struggle for those 30 children whose mothers receive no more than $2 per month from their father for their individual care.  If you truly loved your child you would not make the decision to bring them into a negative situation and stack the odds against them clawing their way out from under layers of disadvantage, and they would represent more to you than simply a welfare payment.

Desmond Hatchett and his Baby Mama’s between them demonstrate a fast-growing attitude towards parenthood that has horrible implications for the next few generations.  It shows men have no respect for the traditional roles of Fathers and Providers, and women have no respect for their own wombs or for the traditional roles of Mothers and Nurturers.

We need to stop ignoring the common occurrence of people in disadvantaged situations failing to make responsible, adult decisions and showing accountability for their lives, expecting welfare, the state and ultimately taxpayers to literally pay for their mistakes and ignorance/stupidity, because until we do people like Desmond Hatchett will continue to abuse the system, and many, many more children than his mere 30 will be caught in this horrible circle of negativity.



  1. Arg, when people here in Tokyo ask me where I’m from, it’s stuff like this that makes me want to say, “NOT AMERICA.” I can only imagine how writers coast to coast are giving this guy his 15 minutes of fame instead of the 15 minutes of shame he so richly deserves. I did, however, laugh guiltily at Hatless Li’l Hatchett…

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