Subtropical Storm Beryl is approaching North Florida as I type, bringing wet doom with her.  I believe we already know my thoughts on the ridiculously elderly names being given to Hurricanes and Storms, so will say no more on the matter.

Beryl has proven to be a naughty little sausage as she’s a subtropical storm that formed up in the North and has then proceeded to move South, going against the norm of ST Storms forming down South and then travelling up.

Jacksonville’s location nestled in the curve of the North Floridas armpit enjoys a fairly privileged spot, being nicely sheltered and therefore protected from most of the extreme weather that sweeps on by to hit areas further up the coast, but this just means that when one overcomes the obstacles to make a hit it’s usually pretty awful.

We’re about to make a run to the supermarket, not to panic buy I can assure you, however we will be buying a generous amount of bottled water, canned goods and, if I can have my way, an emergency stockpile of cake…here’s hoping.

This is my first ST Storm, and I’m honestly a little apprehensive as although they may not be as horrible as hurricanes they do bring with them a huge amount of rain and very strong winds.  As long as I know where the cat is (probably already hiding under the bed) I’m sure it’ll be ok.

All the best to those of you getting ready to face Beryl’s wrath, and to all of you located in safer areas please get ready to send Cookie Baskets post-Beryl to help us get through this traumatic time (again, it’s worth a try).

Stay dry everyone x


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