Over the weekend The Hublet and I experienced our first painful loss as a married couple, a horrible time of suffering and endurance where our love and patience were tested.  The RAID array on our PC failed.  This meant that all photos, memories, blog work-in-process, Internet bookmarks and favourites saved on the PC since we married in last year, indeed since I made the move from the UK to the USA, are now inaccessible.

The only silver lining to our situation was that we had only recently purchased a sexy sexy sexy Corsair 600T white graphite tower case with the aim of eventually building a second PC over the next few months.  I secretly suspect that our current PC had realised a competitor was in the house and promptly thrown a complete diva tantrum to teach us a lesson in appreciation.

We (let’s be honest, by ‘we’ I mean ‘He’ as I have the IT wizardry skills of a cactus) spent the weekend building the second PC and attempting to salvage data from the hard drive of our original.  We’ve managed to copy over some of the basics, thankfully including our immigration paperwork and my recent job hunt information, but pulling off photos has proved to be a little too taxing, with repeated crashes and restarts each time we try to pull off more than x amount of data at a time.  What we’ll do is slowly salvage files bit by bit over the next few weeks, gradually copying all original data over to the new PC and then installing whatever new equipment is required to bring Old Faithful back up to speed.

Personally, although I appreciate the beauty, durability and amazing design of the Corsair 600T and understand why it has been The Hublet’s object of IT lust for the past few months, once we get what will soon be MY computer (Old Faithful) up and running, my heart is set on getting a NZXT Phantom Red tower case as it reminds me of the glossy red helmets of the Emperor’s Royal Guard in Star Wars.

Saying that, the new computer runs faster and has a much larger monitor and therefore playing PC games is now a whole new experience!

If you take anything away from this post, make sure you now understand the importance of regularly backing up your data and not having the ostrich-head-in-sand approach that it’ll never happen to you.



  1. Oh, ouch. I feel your pain. 。・°°・(>_<)・°°・。My computer used to lie in wait until I was crunching for a design deadline, then throw a hissy right before all the finished work was ready to be sent. ugh. Hope everything is up and running again soonest.

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