In view of the recent release of Ridley Scott’s Prometheus and subsequent fan boy frenzy, rapture and equal measures of confusion and disappointment, feast your eyes upon this beauty.  Look at it, gaze in wonder, wipe away the lustful dribble and speculate on just how many rooms within your house you could incorporate such a vision in.

This lamp is the creation of Evil Robot Designs, a company formed by UK-based artists EViL ED and Dan Robotic, whose goal in life is to blur the lines between geek and cool.  The lamp is titled Alien Nation, and is beautiful beyond words.  Their site blurb describes it as having, “…a swarm of HR Giger’s Zenomorphs from the Alien franchise climbing upwards from a base of hand sculpted eggs and facehuggers. This is a great example of a specifically designed commission, finished in a high gloss lacquer and topped with a black and brushed copper empire shade.” Spot on.

Although this particular lamp was no doubt created for an individual client, they are quite happy to make a similar one for you if you are searching for that perfect something to add a finishing touch to the nursery.  They also take requests, and will work closely with you to create something bespoke that taps into their artistic talent and love of decorative conversation pieces, combined with your Sci-Fi fantasies.


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