I know, I know, there are far too many exclamation marks going on in the post title, but understand that I was trying to convey shocked surprise instead of overly enthusiastic, gushing or ditzy.

Seriously, where the flip do people find the time to blog so amazingly frequently?  They must be house wives/husbands, have a really relaxed boss, or not have the type of job that, when they come home, they want to do nothing but submerge in a hot bubble bath and play Cthulhu, Destroyer of Worlds with the rubber ducky and be fed chocolate dipped strawberries by their husband (are you reading this sweetie? Then I’ll make a concession and accept slightly healthier dark chocolate dipped strawberries or Reese’s Pieces depending on the sort of day I’ve had) OR be blogging alchemists whereby they’ve worked out the mysterious trick to turning lead into gold or, in this case, an online blog into a career.

If any of you wish to fund me with a monthly salary that must reflect the life to which I have become accustomed then let me know, because I’ll happily blog every hour of the day and make all the posts revolve around you if you so wish, if only it would mean that I no longer had to get up at 6:45am in order to prepare myself for a day in the office.

It’s been a busy few months, what with my being laid up in bed for a week strapped into a back support (apparently I have the spine strength of a daisy), starting a new job in DownTown Jax and having a lovely long Labor Day weekend away with The Hublet in Charleston SC, as well as a few other choice time-destroying occurrences.  The silver lining is that I’ve had a few moments of blog inspiration, and as soon as I find the time I’ll be able to whip up some posts.  But alas, today is Sunday and so I can’t stay too long as I need to get everything ready for the week ahead otherwise I’ll be a headless chicken come the alarm klaxon going off tomorrow morning.


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