You know things are bad when you get nervous about a blog post after an extended period of absence.

It’s got that awkward, keep-on-putting-it-off feeling like that time when Aunt Edna sent you that awful sweater, and although you couldn’t bring yourself to wear it (because if you did you knew it would doom you to 7 years of singleness) you still meant to be a good niece and send her a thank you card, only you couldn’t find a spare card in the house at the time, and eventually months later while browsing through the supermarket you spotted a pack of blank cards and brought them after convincing yourself that better late than never, only when you got home they were playing a Firefly marathon and so you forgot all about it, and the absence of thanks remains pushed to the back of your mind, like a tiny niggling itch that’s a constant companion, until the day that it’s your turn to host a family dinner and, in front of everyone, Aunt Edna asks whether you received the sweater or not, only she didn’t hear a peep out of you, and you’re forced to retrieve it from the cat basket/back of the wardrobe/under the bed and gush on and on about how much you love it.

When did I last post?  It’s been a lifetime.  I celebrated an anniversary with The Hublet (weekend at Universal if you must know); Shahid Khan’s yacht has returned to Jax; I got The Hublet hooked on cider (hard cider to you ‘Merikans – do you know how disappointing it is to order ‘cider’ in Florida and receive a glass of fruit juice in return.  Gits); the new job is working out fabulously; my tan is slowly but surely taking hold; Hurricane Sandy thankfully missed us (sorry North East coast); the end of the world is coming up; James Bond/Skyfall has finally had its American release (nope, didn’t get a chance to see it at the weekend, but plan to this weekend); played Skyrim for a grand total of 4-hours before I got bored; bunch of other stuff that I can’t quite recall and not a post to show for it.

I seem to only post about my belated posting lately.

In my defence the job is definitely taking its toll: I come home, have dinner, spend a healthy amount of quality time with The Hublet, read or play a game in order to get my mind out of work mode and then shazam, time for bed in order to be up fighting fit the next day.

Ok , that’s it for now, I”m going to be Queen of the Lame and call it a night as I’m utterly pooped.   This blogging malarkey is a mother trucker to stay on top of!


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