Tech Hero backpack from Carpathia stuffed full of booty!
Tech Hero backpack from Carpathia stuffed full of booty!

I have to admit to being biased as The Hublet has been my Tech Hero ever since he explained to me many years ago exactly what is meant when you’re asked if you’ve power cycled a device (essentially, it’s a fancy way of asking, “Have you tried turning it off and on?”) and became my outsourced laptop/PC/device technician during our 4k miles apart, long-distance courtship.

He was the person who got me my first part-time job in America: stuffing FedEx packages, testing and charging batteries and configuring and imaging handheld devices.  That part-time job evolved into a full-time role as a Tier 1 support on a Wireless Service Desk, working to ensure that our Business Partners End User’s were kept up-and-running.

I manage my company’s Twitter account (you’ll know it when you see it, there’ll be British spelling like favour, organise and humour littering the place) and whenever we receive a retweet, follow or favourite I’ll go check it out to see if it came from a bot or a real, breathing human being.

Which is how I randomly stumbled across Tech Heroes/@heroesoftech on Twitter and discovered their website which allowed me the opportunity to nominate someone as my Tech Hero.

I’ll be honest, I was at work and in a wee bit of a rush and therefore I didn’t scan their site as thoroughly as I should have, so I completed my nomination and submitted the most magnificent picture of The Hublet that I had to hand, thinking that if he was successful in winning the Tech Hero award he would receive a backpack stuffed full of wonderful Tech-related things.

Imagine my surprise a few days later when The Hublet received via mail a backpack stuffed full of Tech booty!

  1. Soft grey hooded top with the male Tech Hero icon emblazoned on the front.
  2. $25 Amazon gift card.
  3. Pen…a very nice pen.
  4. Pocket-friendly pack of Advil.
  5. Can of full fat Red Bull.
  6. Zoom Charger compatible with most devices.
  7. Moleskin notebook with the male Tech Hero icon.
  8. His’n’Hers Tech Hero stickers.
  9. Fantastic 27-piece tool set and pouch.
  10. Backpack with more pockets than a troop of kangeroos including a fancy red-lined laptop sized pocket.

They even included a couple of tops for me with the female Tech Hero icon on.

I gave them a shout out via Instagram along with a photo of the box that arrived at work for The Hublet sent for my attention (I’m not in the habit of opening other peoples mail thank you very much) which they kindly posted to their Twitter account.

I was honestly really impressed with the quality of the backpack contents and felt it was a very, very generous way of not only raising awareness of the unsung Tech Heroes of the world, but also bringing attention to their company and brand.

On a related note, I appear to have promised away rights to the naming of my firstborn/first pot plant/first puppy to approximately 35 people.  At this rate it’s going to have the longest name in history!

A tip of the hat to you Tech Heroes / Carpathia.

Carpathia / Tech Hero / @heroesoftech
Carpathia / Tech Hero / @heroesoftech



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