You know it’s going to be a weird day when one of the first things you hear after entering is, “Man, I did waaaay too much coke this morning.”

I had no idea plaid-loving golfers partied quite so hard!

Although I’ve lived in Florida for over 2 years I’d not once attended The Players Championship as I’m not really a golfing fan and didn’t see the appeal.

I respect that it’s an established PGA tour location that’s been hosting the event since 1982, I appreciate that it boasts the infamous par-3 17th Hole, an Island Green that is one of the hardest shots to make and became legend in 1998 when a seagull stole the Steve Lowery’s ball after he made a successful shot, I understand that Florida is considered a place for golfing pilgrimage…sadly none of these things encouraged me to attend TPC.

My company were even hosting a corporate event at TPC this year with an open bar…not even free alcohol could motivate me to go.

However, one of our largest clients reached out to The Hublet and offered him complimentary tickets to join them in a chalet at TPC, and it seemed like a great chance to 1) spend some quality time with a client and 2) experience TPC for the first time.

I researched the heck out of the TPC rules and restrictions and Googled the heck out of what to wear (light sundress and cute’n’comfortable sandals for me and shorts, collared golf shirt & canvas loafers for him).

We rocked up a little after 12:00pm, parked and made our way to the chalet area.

The atmosphere was amazing: crowded but quiet, everyone dressed similarly, a slight ‘Stepford Wives’ atmosphere.

The chalets were fantastic because Florida in May is HOT, HUMID and downright ICKY and sheltered air conditioning is most welcome.

I felt like a complete rock star armed with a lanyard provided by the company funding the chalet which gave me unlimited free food and drinks.  The fools.

I worked my way through the Grey Goose cocktail options and have to say that the official Sawgrass cocktail, the ‘Sawgrass Splash’, tasted almost exactly the same as the ’19th Hole’ cocktail and every other citrus-based Grey Goose cocktail on offer.  Or maybe that’s what my drowning taste buds wanted me to believe.

I made a friend in the form of a lovely lady who works for Beaver Street Fisheries/Sea Best and kept me company while The Hublet was taken on a tour of the servers and electronic doohickeys that keep TPC running smoothly.  She took me to their fancy Deck 17 that SeaBest has only recently launched at TPC: the breeze flowing through the Deck, between the 17th and 18th, was one of the most wonderful things I’ve ever felt in my life!

I cannot tell a lie: golf is pretty boring.  It seems to me that it’s a lot like tennis in that it’s a fantastic thing to play yourself, however infinitely boring to watch, however  I thoroughly enjoyed my first experience of TPC, in no small part helped by the Grey Goose on tap and the fancy-pants feeling of having access to a private chalet.

TPC is quite a wonderful experience and a huge noteworthy happening in Florida’s event calendar and absolutely worth doing at least once, if only to say that you did it.

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  1. haha your introduction wasn’t exactly what I expected when I clicked on a link to read about golf, but it’s all good. I really dug the piece man, your a good writer with a cool page. I would love it if you could check out my blog sometime and let me know what you think

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