What do you when you want to mess with someone but aren’t sure how to go about it?

Get Godzilla to pay a visit…

I discovered that a colleague likes to hoard empty Tic Tac boxes, stacking them on their desk as a proud tribute to how much they love the minty morsels.

As we have a very mild Department rivalry, I felt this was the perfect opportunity for some fun and I found an excuse to stay past their leaving time.

I then printed out a fantastic Godzilla from a range of available monsters at CubeeCraft, coloured it in, cut it out, stuck it together (the arms were a bit fiddly) and, for a finishing touch, also printed out the Tokyo skyline in black and white.

I then strewed the neatly stacked Tic Tac boxes over the desk, stuck the skyline against the wall and put Godzilla proudly in the middle of the destruction.

They came by my desk the next day to confirm that it had been me who had rained down vengeance upon them.

We’re now fully embroiled in an office war with each other, but they were quite touched at the effort I went to to mess with them.

It’s the little things that go a long way.



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