I’m *cough* kind of a big deal in the film making world, doncha know.

Seriously though, the 12-year old inner me is jumping up and down with joy at the truly basic and awful stop motion video I’ve created.

I downloaded the currently free Stop Motion Studio app onto my iPhone, grabbed the first thing I could find (a Domo cuddly toy) and dorked around for a few minutes.

As I have the patience of a child hopped up on sugar, it’s a very choppy and jumpy first attempt, but regardless I love it and my enthusiasm will not be diminished!

I know, it’s only 2.00000000040040444949499 seconds long, but it took aaaaaaages to make.  I’m actually intimidated by the thought of creating something that runs for longer as I’m going to have to find the patience from a deep, hidden well inside myself.

The best thing about my brief foray into the world of stop motion has been an increase level of optimism for the future of humanity.

Coming from a childhood of lego bricks and books (paper, not eReaders) and Barbie dolls driving around in the A-Team van, I was convinced that ongoing advances in technology could result in future generations of lazy, spherical, potato children who achieved entertainment at the touch of a button.

However, something as simple as this app has made me realise that technology comes with so many new and fun options that can really help spark up the imagination and get the creative juices flowing, so much so that future generations will have no end of ways to express themselves and get involved with technology.

So without further ado I give you, in all it’s glorious wonder, the short cinematic masterpiece Domo Attacks!

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