On Saturday 31st December my puppy destroyed my prescription Ray-Ban glasses, less than 24-hours after I’d purchased them.

It was really heartbreaking as I’d had so much patience all year and had been wearing a battered pair of scratched up glasses purchased in 2014.

For those of you who don’t believe that dogs have a vengeful bone in their adorable little bodies, may I present the following for your consideration:

Before going to bed I’d placed my glasses on a large shelf that runs behind our sofa, attached to back of the wall.  I’d even nudged them further back for good measure.

My dog is a mini dachshund, a breed not typically known for being an exceptional mountaineer.

In the morning we decided to have a rare and luxurious lie-in, however The Landshark wanted to play, so I – let’s highlight and underline the I here – decided to evict her from the bedroom to the living room, securing a doggy gate to keep her there.

I then returned to my blanket nest and we enjoyed a blissful, uninterrupted lie-in.

I then got up and went to the living room to check on Poopacabra.  As I started to open the gate, the pet door rattled to indicate that she’d rapidly exited.

Odd…because she usually runs up and pounces on my feet when I come into the living room.

I then went to the shelf to retrieve my glasses…and was unable to find them.

Very weird, but maybe I recalled incorrectly and had brought them into the bedroom last night.

Then I saw some small, long pieces of black plastic on the rug that didn’t relate to anything I recognised as coming from our house.

Suddenly I felt sick to my stomach as I saw a small piece of clear plastic next to the black plastic strips and realised what I was looking at.poopacabra-the-destroyer

Phoebe then entered the room and sat proudly in front of her pile of destruction.

So, after being banished from the bedroom by myself she’d ignored all the toys and wonderful doggy things in the living room and had jumped up onto the sofa, then climbed up onto the central cup holder, and stretched out as far as her little sausage body would let her and managed to grab my glasses.

My glasses.

Property that belonged to the person responsible for evicting her petulant little self from the bedroom.


Dogs aren’t vindictive, my butt.

Anyway, I’m fairly shortsighted and without glasses can’t really drive or function, so after getting a quote from my original optician for a like-for-like replacement ($hundreds$), I went online to find a cheaper alternative.

After searching The Googles for “Cheap prescription glasses,” I quote searched the first few sites and was unimpressed with the price.  I needed cheap. Cheeeeeeeap.  Cheap as chips.

I then tried EyeBuyDirect to see how they compared and they were impressively cheaper than the others.

I entered my Sphere and PD measurements (my optician had nothing but understanding when they heard what had happened and as I’d confessed I’d be forced to buy a cheap pair online until I could save up for another pair of sexy Ray-Ban’s, they equipped me with every single measurement I could possibly need) and selected the frame type, lens coating and so on.

The total was around $34.  I was then given the options of either paying $5.95 for USPS first class (with no tracking) or $19 for UPS Express (with tracking).  Umm…did I want to almost double my cost?  Did I heck.  $5.95 with no tracking thank  you very much.  $40.10 order total including tax.  Boom.

I then resigned myself to the lottery of never receiving my glasses and then, when calling to chase, being told, “Well sweetie, you didn’t pay extra for tracking, what did you expect.”

However, they arrived today!  Ordered on 12/31/16 and delivered on 01/14/17.  And colour me impressed, they were excellently packaged and superb quality for a $35 pair of prescription glasses purchased online, don’t sit unevenly on my face and sort of look geekily cute on me.  High praise indeed for a pair of glasses that I purchased whilst emotionally compromised and didn’t get to first try on.

Therefore let me pay it forward.  If you need to purchase either an emergency pair of prescription glasses, don’t like the prices of brick and mortar stores or simply want to make an exploratory purchase, then use the below coupon code during January for 20% off of your order.  A coupon I wish I’d been able to use in December:






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