No, that wasn’t me going all hipster and ‘I watched it before it was cool’ on you.

We’ve no doubt all fallen in love with something we either watched until it was cancelled, or stumbled across long after cancellation to discover that it was never renewed by the network.

I’m here to mourn the untimely passing of the ones that I loved and declare my appreciation for still being able to watch/purchase online and rewatch.

Leading the pack is Invader Zim, one of my favourite cartoons ever with enough quirky humour and adult jokes to balance out the slapstick.  Created by Jhonen Vasquez, the story orbits around an incompetent alien sent to Earth by his species of invading aliens as a punishment, complete with zany robot sidekick Gir and human antagonist Dib.  The ratings weren’t high enough for Nickelodeon and it got canned after Season 2.

It’s on my bucket list to attend an Invader Con, so hopefully they organise another one in the near future.invader-zim

Two Stupid Dogs was also cancelled after Season 2 due to low ratings.  Hyperactive Little Dog (dachshund) and laid back Big Dog (hairy potato) engaged in various low brow hi-jinks.

Dearly beloved Saturday morning cartoon Animaniacs was geared around three siblings (the Warners) who live in the Warner Bros. studios and are constantly escaping the lot to get embroiled in various adventures.  The show was cancelled after 99 episodes despite ratings doing well as it wasn’t doing so well with its target audience and demand started to dry up.

Sam and Max was a 1 season long cartoon about a pair of private investigators, the ever patient Sam the dog and his insane bunny partner Max.  I only stumbled across the cartoon after playing and loving their PC game Sam & Max Hit The Road and the offbeat humour and fantastic characters are brilliant.

The reasons surrounding Courage the Cowardly Dog being taken off the air after 4 seasons were mixed and controversial, but there’s no denying that viewers loved the cowardly unlikely hero puppy who tries and alternatively succeeds and fails to protect his owners from an assortment of  villains and perilous situations.

CatDog aired in 1998 and told the story of a cat-dog hybrid who had to constantly fight between its competing natures and distinct personalities.  It was cancelled in 2001 as ratings had dropped to unsustainable lows, but still enjoys occasional reruns.

Telling the story of siblings Cow and Chicken and recurring villain, the booty baring Red Guy, this cartoon ran from 1997 until 1999 and enjoyed a 4 season run.  It took some liberties with the adult jokes and innuendo hidden away in a children’s cartoon but enjoyed ratings success.

Earthworm Jim was based on the video game of the same name, telling the story of a worm in a super suit doing herioc deeds.  Sadly it only ran for 2 seasons as this was all the creator had planned.

What about you?  What cartoons did you fall in love with that eventually fell by the wayside?



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