I cannot tell a lie, I am absolutely loving the free Stop Motion iPhone app from the App Store.

Utilising nothing more than my beloved Pop! Star Wars Wampa from Funko and a bathrobe, I have created a cinematic masterpiece.

You’ll find out for yourself, but it’s an absolute emotional roller-coaster from beginning to end.

You’ll feel a mixture of dread and anxiety as you watch this huge alpha predator lumber by; you’ll feel the dizzying joy of relief as it crosses your view and almost passes out of sight; then comes the stomach sinking dread as it abruptly pauses in its tracks as – surely not – it picks up your scent; then you’ll feel the unshakable, unavoidable punch of fear and dismay as it run towards you with jaws gaping wide.

I gave in and made the $0.99 in-app purchase to add sound effects to my video, and I believe you’ll agree that with the addition of a few subtle mood-setting noises, this work eclipses my earlier entirely silent Domo movie that was originally so well received by critics.

I know my work of art was created too late to be considered in this year’s Oscars, the 89th Academy Awards, on February 26th, but look out for me next year.

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