Hey there PC users.  Are you tired of having to keep an eye on your furry landshark while trying to get on with the nitty gritty of desktop use?  Do you tense up when you hear a muffled meow from somewhere around your ankles?  Do you worry about the four-legged piranha by your feet nibbling on valuable cables?

Then look no further than this gorgeous Ashwood Road desk in a cherry finish from Better Homes & Gardens.

This sturdy desk is not only large enough to accommodate your PC tower, monitor, speakers and desk light, but it also comes with a slide-out puppy bed to hold every Geeks Furry Best Friend.

Now, instead of worrying about where the furry destroyer of all that you love has got to, you’ll know exactly where s/he is as the little Poopacabra will be snuggled up in front of you while you type.

Because I for one am sick and tired of having my ankles bitten by a small furry hellion while I try to come up with blog content.

So I opened the drawer, packed it with a soft bathrobe, added all the toys I could find and scooped her up into it.  Immediately she snuggled down and started chewing on a rope.

Ankles = 1
Puppy = 0

No Geeky Pawrent should be without one.

The only obvious downside is having your face/hands/arms licked whenever in range of the little furball.




  1. I think I might love your dog. I love the idea of a pull out drawer – would be good for my cats who currently lounge all over my desk, but the puppy – he would eat my computer, because he is just a little bit evil!

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