I’m pretty sure I summed up my thoughts on the matter back onmike-drop February 14th 2012, so I’m simply going to link back to that bad boy as my thoughts remain constant.

Happy Obligation Day everyone!

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On this day my heart goes out to everyone who:

  • Only receives romantic gestures from their significant other on this day and no other;
  • Is happily single every other day, but on this one day is made to feel like Lonesome George, the ultimate pariah;
  • Was in a relationship until recently, but for any number of reasons find themselves flying solo today;
  • Has to deal with a work colleague who you’re pretty sure violently threatened their other half in order to ensure a never-ending stream of flowers, plushies, chocolates and cards being sent to the office, less as a way to prove their love and more to give their partner the opportunity to show off to the office;
  • Has been pressurised by their partner to act out of character and do something romantic on this day;
  • Those of you in declining partnerships who are clinging onto today as a last ditch attempt to patch up the leaking kayak of your relationship;
  • Those of you who are suspiciously certain that your fairly new other half only partnered up with you shortly before today in order to guarantee presents being given to themselves.

Know that you’re not alone and that countless others also approached this day with apprehension, with concern, with butterflies, with worries.  There are 320 remaining days in this year to enjoy.



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