I know it’s sucky to admit, but this week I hit a brick wall when trying to come up with blog content.

It’s almost as if my brain is full of air and empty of ideas.

After the blogging sabbatical that I inadvertently took last year, I’m genuinely trying to be more active and create at least one geeky post per week.

Buuuuuut things happened…

We built a firepit in our backyard (BUILT you mark me, built with our very own formerly baby soft and now ruggedly calloused hands) and, while the weather is still relatively cool in Florida we’re trying to make the most of every suitable night that we can.

My K/D ratio in Call of Duty absolutely plummeted after I started playing more Infinite Warfare, which resulted in me putting in more time and investing in gadgets and gizmos aplenty in the desperate hope that the fault lay with the tools and not the workman.

Books happened.  Wonderful, amazing, fantastical books came into my life and I’m eating up my free time working my way through them.  As an absolute bibliophile, it’s so nice to have found a number of books that I’m genuinely excited about after having a bit of a dry spell with worthwhile reading material.

My puppy is also a delightful time sponge, with her recently discovering the joys of stick 1chasing.  We’re still working on the retrieval part of the game, but are both taking it one slow furry step at a time.

Winter happened and continues to happen.  I know I live in Florida and it’s February, but the temperature dropping below 50 at night and staying below 70 during the day is a big deal.  More soups, noodles, broths, stews, curries and other hearty, warm, comforting winter-friendly food.

Combining some of the above, do you know how hard it is to be find the energy to leave the sofa when you’re at a really thrilling portion of a book, it’s cold outside and a warm, cuddle-buddy puppy is curled up on your lap doing sleepy puppy farts.

So I’ve now laid out the majority of my excuses for not having anything to post this week.

Ooooooh wait a minute, what just happened, did I create a vaguely acceptable post out of my ramblings on why I haven’t been able to come up with a post.  Booyah.

I wasn’t able to find a good mike drop picture

Seriously though, what do you do when you hit a hurdle in the quest for blog content?

Do you seek out inspiration or do you wait for it to organically find you?

How do you overcome the urge to post vs. a potential lack of content?

Do you run a hot bath, light some candles, throw in a bath bomb and your favourite bath toys and bob around until inspiration hits you and you can leap up butt nekkid and go running down the street screaming, “Euuuuuuuuureka!”

Genuinely interested in your suggestions on how to overcome a lack of blog post inspiration as I’m hitting a bit of a wall lately and would love to try some of your tips/methods/ideas.


  1. I think you need to actively seek inspiration. It’s best to go the way you learn best…so if you are a visual learner, get inspired by pictures or videos. If you learn best by listening…seek out new musicians on YouTube or something. I’m no expert on overcoming walls, but passively waiting is not the answer.

    Even so, I would love just curling up with a good book and a puppy at my feet 😉

  2. I tend to find I’m most inspired by others’ posts or overheard conversations. And every now and again, my stepson will come out with some nine-year-old wisdom that makes for a good article!

    Good luck – hoping you overcome the wall soon. 🙂

    • I’m taking a notepad & camping out in our office building restaurant. Plus, it’d be rude to not order coffee & cake while I’m there.
      You’ve got access to a munchkin! That’s an endless source of material right there.

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