Mirrors in the tool aisles of all home improvement and hardware stores.

Now hear me out on this.  I recently mentioned the fire-pit that The Hublet and I have built in our back garden, and due to this project being a bit of a lengthy beast, I’ve spent more hours than I can count following The Hublet around home improvement stores over the past few months.

I’m a lady, used to doing lady things, and whenever I go shopping for ladies things thereemily-im-a-lady are invariably an abundance of mirrors surrounding me so that I can check out how I’m going to look with whichever item I’m thinking of buying, from necklace to jacket to handbag to shoes.

Which is why when I went to the Big Blue American home improvement store and picked up a pickaxe, I was disappointed to not have a nearby mirror so that I could check out just how rugged I was going to look while swinging this bad boy.

Seriously, Hardware Stores worldwide, you’re missing a huge customer satisfaction trick here.

Shoppers won’t be bold enough to ask you to install mirrors, they’re too shy/embarrassed to submit this sort of vanity request, but believe me deep down we all want to be able to check ourselves out while wielding power tools.

We purchased a leaf blower this weekend, so there I was waving this beast around to make sure it sat comfortably in my arms, all the while making whooshing noises.  Where was the mirror I needed to check myself out?  How on earth would I know in advance how awesome I’d potentially look while unleashing the forces of the mighty hurricane on all the dead leaves on my driveway?

There’s no need to be obvious about it: just casually hang mirrors around the hardware section but disguise their purpose, label them as security or anti-Theft mirrors; or start locating your homeware section, with all its purchasable mirrors and picture frames, a lot closer to the power tools section.

Sales go up and happy customers increase. Boom.

You’re welcome.


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