Yeah, I’m breaking my blog absence as I’m still laughing about this.

So good news both to all George R.R. Martin fans, as well as those who love the Game of Thrones TV series on HBO but haven’t read the books yet.

Season 7 returns to us this Saturday 16th July, bringing to an end the watch we began in June 2016.

Historically, Game of Thrones premiers in April, so we were all suitably miffed when they pushed back Season 7’s premier date an additional 3-months.

The reason for this was actually a good one: they couldn’t film any snow-filled scenes – of which there should be a record breaking amount in Season 7 as Winter Should Finally Be Here – until there was actually snow on the ground.  No-one wants to use up their annual CGI budget on handcrafted snowflakes when they can get it for free.

Now, we’re not big cable TV fans, preferring to instead download/stream anything we want to watch as we enjoy the luxury of binge-watching if we are so inclined.  Therefore, we tend to fire up a cable service just in time for any major TV shows that we’re too impatient to wait to legally download.

The reason for this entire blog post is less about sharing with you the good news about GoT S7 and more about my exchange with The Hublet.

So this morning I stuck my head out of the master bathroom and the following ensued:
M = Me   /   H = Him
M: “Hey love?”
H: “Yeah, what’s up?”
M: “Are we good for Game of Thrones this Sunday?”
H: “Yep, I’m all over it.”
M: “Hey love?”
H: “Yeah?”
M: “Winter is coming.”
H: I gotcha. Don’t worry, it’s sorted.
M: “Hey love?”
H: “Yeah?”
M: “The North remembers the cable.”
H: “Yeah, I hear you, we’re all set.”
M: “Hey love?”
H: (slightly pained) “Yes?”
M: “A man needs cable service.”
H: “I know love, we’re good to go.”
M: “Hey baby?”
H: (long suffering sigh) “Yes?”
M: “Hodor hodor hodor (collapsing into uncontrollable giggles).”
H: “Alright, I’m off to work.”

He has the patience of Job with me!

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