Greetings all!

Way of the Geeks (WOTG) is the creation of me, a British addition to America and giant geeky nerd, tech dork, film fan, cake devourer, gamer and book lover.

WOTG initially started out as a time filler and boredom killer shortly after I had relocated from the United Kingdom to America and found myself waiting for my immigration paperwork to process.

WOTG is a blend of Tech News, Product Reviews, sharing Life Experiences, Screen Critiques, Standing-On-A-Soapbox Shouty Ranting and Animal Love.

Career-wise I come from a fairly hardcore 5+ year headhunting/recruitment background, and prior to that I worked as a Blue Chip Portfolio Manager for a global Financial entity, but since moving to America I’ve been working in a dual Executive Assistant/HR role, which is infinitely less stressful.

I live in North Florida and continue to have some interesting experiences adjusting to the unforeseen and unpredictable differences between the British and our American brethren.

My current family is made up of myself, my big 6’3″ bear of a Floridian (The Hublet) and a cute but crazy mini-dachshund.

Blogging is fun but odd.  It gives me the same feeling as waking up from a great dream that I really want to share with everyone, but due to such intimately personal things being only really interesting and pertinent to the experiencer, how do you then get it to appeal to others.

I simply hope that you occasionally read something helpful, funny or thought-provoking.

Guilty Pleasure
Awful, plot-hole rich, terribly acted films with over-the-top CGI and SFX.  I can happily sit through any Michael Bay film simply for the sheer entertainment of seeing giant robots knock chunks off of each-other.

I enjoy cooking without possessing any great skill in the kitchen.  What I lack in ability I make up for with enthusiasm.

Current Life Goal
My life goal is to find the perfect Crème brûlée, a search that has taken me into many varied restaurants during my travels around Europe and America.



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