You need to know that I’m easily pleased when it comes to films: I like my special effects to be big and dramatic; I love Sci-Fi; I love animated films; I adore the genius of claymation; I love happy endings; I love thrillers; HOWEVER I’m not so big on historical war stories; I don’t like gory, over-the-top slasher films; I get easily bored by predictable, by-the-book love stories (think most of the films starring Jennifer Lopez or Katherine Heigl, two actresses who are reluctant to break out of their typecast and only seem to make cash-cow movies that follow the same tedious, inevitable path) or films that play on some big, sensitive issue not to draw attention to said issue, but for the sole purpose of bagging an Oscar.

There are some seriously good films due for release over the next 12-months, and some are so wonderful that to see a teaser trailer and know you won’t be able to watch that film for almost a year is a cruelty beyond all others and actually pains my insides.

Here is my roundup of films that are making my pulse race, have grabbed my attention or are at least a blip on my radar of interest.

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