I play for fun, I play to kill time, I play on a console while The Hublet is on the PC and vice versa, I play to try games that friends are raving about, or to put to rest arguments about how good a game actually is, I play games on any electronic device that I can get my hands on and I play for the sheer enjoyment of it. 

I’m not sophisticated in my gaming needs, I simply need to be entertained as I have the sort of attention span best measured on a PIC Micro Controller and not a standard clock, therefore a game needs to fulfil the trinity of being easily playable, visually appealing and have enough content to keep me busy and stop me from getting fidgety.  From my first experiences playing the pixel heavy Blood Money, Bubble Bobble and Rainbow Island on the Atari that my Dad brought our family back in the 80’s, all the way to the gorgeous backgrounds and character range in SWTOR on the PC, games have kept me busy and out of trouble during my spare time.

I know my opinions won’t always reflect yours as, unlike me, you can probably get through the first 10minutes of Resident Evil without hiding behind a pillow, but at the very least I’ll pass on my views for you to take into consideration.

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