There will come a time in your life when you will need to find a gift for a special someone; be it a loved one, a favourite colleague, a hated boss, the neighbour, an arch nemesis, or you may simply be riding the trend bus and trying to find an ironically geeky, retro or tacky offering for your fellow hipsters, ultimately with which to convey a specific message (I care, I love you, I adore how you used to make sock puppets when I was ill, I remember your weird obsession with micro machines, I hate you and am sending a robot assassin, goodness me I am so relevant and NOW), however the sheer scale of the internet presents a nightmarish New Years Sale bedlam scenario in your search for inspiration and hunting down the perfect present.

Which is why I present to you some sites that have consistently triumphed for me in terms of gift options, novelty, value-for-money or sheer genius, depending on what my criteria was at the time.

I am completely open to suggestions, so if you have used with success a specific site that offers a good experience for whatever reason, send me an email to with a web address or link to the site and some reasons as to why you would recommend.  If you make the time to write more than 10 words I’ll happily publish your review and give you credit in a shameless act of mutual promotion.

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