NeatoShop (The Neatest Stuff on Earth) offer a great range of gifts and rewards for your loved ones.  They allow you to search by specific character/TV shows/Films, offer a few gifts you can personalise, but also allow you to search by occasion or recipient, from Geeks to Hipsters.

They also feature a number of independent artists and illustrators who favour NeatoShop, earning royalties from whatever is sold, therefore although they stock a lot of the same range as other online ships they also offer a few one-of-a-kind gifts.

They have a trend following Zombie Store where, in addition to hideously graphic toys, gadgets and cutsies, you can buy undead versions of all your film favourites (‘Fight of the Living Dead Club’, Gnaws, ‘Breakfast Is Tiffany’ and so on).

As with most of the other geeky gift stores, they offer a good range of novelty ice trays and have a thing for bacon-themed products, including bacon frosting for cakes, and have a Domu toilet paper cover, which I’ve not come across in many other stores.

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